Recommended Sources


Culture Japan – Follow this blog if you’re mostly interested in the Japanese otaku lifestyle, lots on anime, manga, games and such; there are posts on Japan and technology too

Matador Network – Lots of travel info, even has a University to teach prospective bloggers, vloggers, photographers, videographers, etc.

Shisaku – Personal in-depth analysis of Japanese politics and society

Too Many Adaptors – Up-to-date technology travel info

Zooming Japan – Various useful info on Japan


Gimmeabreakman / Gimmeaflakeman – loads of videos on Japan from news, language, random things, and cultural

Ciaela – useful Japanese living info

Tofugu – lots of Japanese info, probably mostly known for their videos on Cat Island

ThatJapaneseGirl – useful if you’re curious on the Kansai dialect

Sharla in Japan – lots of Japanese food vlogs

TheJapanGuy – useful Japanese living info

Japan Related Sites

Jet Programme – Japanese government run program for those interested in coming to Japan, learn the culture, and teach English

Echoes of a Civilized Jungle – tips and advice on how to live in Kyoto

Uni – university list

What Japan Thinks – surveys, polls, and news info on Japan

Jorudan – you can use this if you do not trust Google Maps for directions via trains in Japan

Rocketnews – breaking Japan news on all topics

Gakuu – resources to learning Japanese

Kansai Scene – Kansai resource for info and classifieds

Rocketnews Japanese Onomatopoeias 

Tofugu Japanese Onomatopoeias

Kakaku – Japanese shopping deals

Kansai Flea Market

Sanjeevs Travels – Kyoto living info

Lang 8 – great tool for learning a new language

Matador Network Travel Scholarships

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