Random – Coffee, Beer, Education, and Creativity

I just had to link these two together, please watch the TED conference and read this blog post before continuing on.

If you didn’t bother watching and reading the other materials, the TED conference basically gets you thinking about our education and how it actually does kill our creativity / how we think, and the blog post simply goes into detail about how beer gives us the opportunity to be more creative unlike coffee; coffee only helps us focus a bit better.

I’m connecting these 2 important pieces of information as follows:

  1. We are born artists
  2. We start being educated in specific areas not involving creative thinking, and usually shot down or discouraged from being creative
  3. As we grow up, our brains are programmed to think certain ways and it becomes a habit to no longer creatively think as we first did as children prior to primary education

The above is simply taken from the TED conference and the blog post supports this.

To expand on #1

Prior to primary education, we are constantly learning about the world, surroundings and environment; due to our limited knowledge of everything and seeing connections between one thing to another, we basically use our imagination to come up with what we think at the time is a logical explanation.  However as we grow up, we are told what is right and wrong, what to think and what not to think, and how to think by our parents, teachers, and simply put, society.  This is why, for example like the dancer mentioned in the TED conference, artists in all shapes and sizes feel left out and different growing up in such a society.  Now you may think of all the arts around us like music, photography, fashion and etc., but to a parent, teacher, and a young kid growing up, none of that really matters; it’s honestly not a priority compared to math, science, and reading.  Sure, some parents and people do encourage the arts more but we’re simply talking on an overall societal aspect.

More on #3

Habits.  All habits are hard to grow out of.  Think of a bad habit you have, do you still have the habit; did it take a lot to get rid of it, or even lessen it?  Yeah, that’s why this is so frustrating; because now as young adults or adults, we have the habit of not thinking creatively and it prevents us from many opportunities.


As mentioned in the TED conference, we need to emphasize the arts to the future generations as they are being educated since creativity advances society forward; just look at Google, they flourish on creativity.  The technology being developed by Google and any other company is the future.  If we had more intelligent and creative people in all industries we can only move forward, and at a much faster pace.