NZ Jobs

Don’t bother being proactive and start applying for jobs until you’ve already arrived in NZ – it will be a complete and utter waste of time; learn from my mistakes! They won’t even blink an eye before tossing your resume or CV if it hints you are not even in the country yet!

Your best bet is to come, get settled in, and then start applying for jobs – by that time you should already have your:

  1. IRD number (for taxes)
  2. Bank account
  3. Mobile/cell phone
  4. A place to live

Now there are several ways to approach this right:

  • Searching online via the web and internet
  • In-person going in real life and asking if places are hiring, or perhaps you see a help wanted sign
  • Going through a job agency or recruiting company


TradeMe | Seek | Indeed

Honestly I definitely preferred this route as it was easiest and fastest, however it didn’t help much. I started applying for office-role jobs as that’s what my background lies in, and I either got no response or a rejection email. Maybe I wasn’t qualified; maybe it was because I was on a working holiday visa which is temporary; maybe they didn’t even review my CV – for whatever reason it was, I was quite fed up with it. Regardless I always went back to apply for more.

I found myself using Seek more often than the other two, but sometimes TradeMe had more listings for a certain industry – so do check all if you have the time and energy!


Growing up in America I always remembered when stores were hiring it was the norm to put signs up on their front doors or glass windows, and for a long time I remember not seeing a single sign in Auckland. Then I started to see one here or there! Definitely not the norm I would say – but still around! If you prefer this method just go into stores you are interested in, or seems like they have vacancies, and ask! Do of course bring your resume with you!

Job Agency / Recruiting Company

This is from my own experience so don’t take my word for it but I don’t know if they are doing their jobs correctly. I felt like all they looked for was prior experience exactly matching the role being applied for. It was as if the recruiters have never been in those fields before – like they couldn’t comprehend how the skills to do this job were essentially the same as for this other job.

Now I didn’t go through any job agencies or recruiting companies directly – instead I occasionally applied for jobs via their websites after finding them on Seek or TradeMe. Neither did I speak with any of their contacts – this was just how I started to think after being rejected left and right for a couple of months! So please take it for what it is and nothing more!

As for the types of jobs common to working holiday visa holders – this sums it up pretty well! Their website occasionally also has some useful job ads as well, but more importantly it is a great source for info than job opportunities in my opinion.

Other Possible Sources for Jobs

Fruit Picking

Seasonal Work

Another job board

Other resources

Since I was able to converse in Japanese and Korean – the two sites below proved to be very useful in finding jobs!

For Japanese Folks 日本の方向け

For our Korean Friends 한국인 위해

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