Intro – Humble Wanderlust

The Humble Wanderlust, a place for all to engage in travel via blog, that’s what I would love this blog to become!

In the mean time, this blog will mainly cover my open-ended studying trip in Kyoto, Japan.  I would like to share my personal experiences, give insight into the Japanese culture, provide useful information to prospective gaijins, and in the long run become a round-the-world (RTW) travel blog!

My posts will include the following, subject to change:


  • Throwback Thursdays (TBT) – sharing older and other experiences excluding Japan
  • Travel Tips (TT) – sharing general travel tips and info for your information
  • Episodes – step-by-step progress of my journey


  • New Eyes – seeing things differently as a result of travel / being exposed to new things
  • Food – periodic collections that will without a doubt cause you to salivate
  • FAQs – self-explanatory, if not it stands for Frequently Asked Questions


  • Responses – replies to blog/vlog posts, or news topic worth mentioning
  • Randomness – anything that does not fall into any of the above categories

I am determined to post TBT, TT, and Episodes on a weekly basis so please anticipate them!  New Eyes and Food will be posted as they come to me, but in the mean time let’s go with monthly.  Responses will come when I feel like I must contribute!  FAQs will be based on you all!  And finally, Randomness will just be random so keep an eye out!  FYI, I plan to keep all posts around 500 words or less.

Other than introducing this blog, I’ll introduce myself!  I’m a 22 year old New Yorker who loves to travel!  I don’t mean just seeing new places and the tourist attractions, I mean grasping and understanding the various cultures and people around the world!  So when I travel I like to do a lot of different things, from seeing the sights to meeting the locals and having a drink.  Traveling always includes the journey, and I enjoy them; yup, I love airplane rides!

Aside from my passion, a bit more about myself that may be boring/irrelevant or not, up to you:  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. John’s University, and am a former Fortune 500 company employee.  Yes that’s right, I quit my job to study in Japan, both their language and culture!  How did that happen?  Sounds like a story for another time!

I’m very excited to be starting this blog, and hope you are too!  Check out my “About” page if you crave a bit more!


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*Spoiler Alert* the next post will be about “What to pack or bring to Japan”!  Stay tuned 🙂