Fire Drill? No, North Korea Drill.

Hamchang N Korea Drill

The English teachers at one of my schools took me out to a nice lunch, and when we got back there was an alarm ringing outside; you could barely hear it inside but could tell that it was piercing outside.  One of the teachers said that we have to head out, in Korean of course, and I sort of get the gist and start following.

It was a fire drill, of course, so I asked, but NOPE!  It was a North Korea drill!  This goes to show how serious South Korea is about defending itself against its evil-half.

Still amazed by the news, I followed the teachers out to the tennis courts where all the students had already gathered amongst other teachers.  The Principal started to lecture all of the kids, in Korean obviously, and I clearly did not understand anything.  The funny thing though is that it was like a military lecture.  Always asking to see if the students heard/understood, and the kids would shout, “Yes,” back at the Principal each time.  I know that men have to serve at least 21 months in the military here in Korea, but starting in Middle School is a bit early don’t you think?

By the time I got back to my desk and checked Facebook, many other native EPIK teachers had already posted about the new revelation.  I mean, think about it – we have drills for fires, and natural disasters, but not for imminent attacks from hostile foreign countries; but then again, we are from the United States of America.


TBT – WB Making of Harry Potter Studios (1)

After graduating college, I went on a short vacation to London to fulfill my wanderlust; also to get away before starting reality, AKA a full-time position.  My favorite part of the trip was without a doubt the “Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter“!  High five if you’re also a muggle fan of this series!  Anyways, TRUST me that you really have to be here to see this studio in person; it makes all the difference.

Put on your cloak, grab a mug of Butterbeer, and sit back on your broomstick as I take you on a journey to and through the studio:

After some research, you decide to get there by rail as it is the most convenient and budget-friendly option.  As you get off the train and exit the Watford Junction station, you see a crowd of people awaiting a bus.  When you approach the crowd, a woman at the front is talking to others about the studio; you take this as confirmation and queue.  After a few anxious minutes of waiting around, a shuttle bus approaches the queue; you don’t actually realize the bus, but the exterior decor.

IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0435

Hop onto the bus and find a comfortable seat at the top-front of the double decker bus with glee.  A short while later the bus pulls into a large parking lot and in the distance you see a huge sign, “Warner Bros. Studio Tour”!  This is it!!

Making of HP Front Sign

You had to snag a picture to relieve some excitement then rush to find the window to get a ticket and get inside.  You can feel your heart pounding with anticipation; your mind zipping with thoughts as if you were on a caffeine high.

As you walk in you see a banner along the ceiling of various pictures of the cast from the beginning to the end.  “Ooh, aah, aww, HERMIONE!, nice, cool, EMMA WATSON!” ❤

Inside Banner 1 Inside Banner 2 Inside Banner 3 Insider Banner 4 DSC00745 Inside Banner 6

Oh no, the start of the tour is about to begin; run!  Heading to the tour entrance, what’s that at the entrance?!  It’s the cupboard!

Tour Entrance

DSC00759 DSC00760 Inside glimpse of the cupboard

Past the cupboard is a dark room filled with monitors displaying various movie posters from around the world.

Movie Poster 1 Movie Poster 2 Movie Poster 5 Movie Poster 4 Movie Poster 3

The door closes as the room is filled.  A video fills you in on the production and setup of the whole film series; admiration for all the crew and staff.  When you come to a wall at the other end opens, the light blinds as rises.  A split second later, you see the astonishing sight of the entrance to the Great Hall!

Great Hall Entrance

Immediately scenes from the series pop into mind;  especially when McGonnagall uses the Piertotum Locomotor charm.  After a moment, the doors creak open leading to the Great Hall!  You see the room filled with chaos and livelihood of the Hogwart days, however you come to realize that it’s empty.

Great Hall Door Opens

By now I hope you’re craving more as this is only the beginning!