TBT – Phi Phi Island

Have you ever booked a trip 2 days before leaving?  I never really had the chance to be that spontaneous since I’ve worked a lot since my first job at 14, but I did book a trip 2 days before departure when I first went to Singapore!

I arrived in Singapore 2-3 weeks before orientation which was only a day or weekend prior to the first day of classes; I wanted to settle in and know my living area before starting classes and work.  I lived in a flat with other mates but when I arrived no one was there!  A day or two later, someone moved in and funny enough his name is Pablo!  Anyways, for students who were studying in Singapore for a full year, this was their winter break and so naturally they were on a trip!  A couple days later our other flatmates came back from Thailand with great stories!  I was shocked by the prices they mentioned and had to look into it, yeah when you first hear about the attractive prices of Southeast Asia, it’s pretty shocking; if you never thought about it before.  So I looked into the prices, checked various sources, and convinced myself to book the next cheapest flight and hostels!  Next thing you know, I was on a plane to Thailand within a week of arriving in Singapore!

So in order to get to Phi Phi Island, you have to take a ferry and one of the ports leading to Phi Phi Island is Krabi so that’s where I headed.  Unfortunately when I got there I missed the last ferry of the day and was forced to stay the night in Krabi; that’s why that flight was the cheapest!  One of the people at the pier helped me find a place to stay for cheap and the following is what I got, not bad.

IMG_0399 IMG_0400 IMG_0403 IMG_0404


By this time I was a bit stressed because I missed the ferry and had to stay the rest of the day and night in Krabi instead of my hostel/hotel on Phi Phi Island that I already paid for… so naturally I was hungry and went for some Thai 🙂 The following is what I had down the block from my accommodation and it wasn’t the best but it was what you could expect from a small individually owned shack, pretty good.

IMG_0405 IMG_0411


Here’s 2 pictures just to show you how the area looked like by the pier, that’s a night food stand market by the way.  My day ride is also shown below, you can rent one by depositing your passport and paying the cheap fees at the end.  The ferry to Phi Phi Island is also below.

IMG_0416 IMG_0419 IMG_0427 IMG_0431


Finally, pictures of Phi Phi Island!  Of course this includes the journey and everything included!

IMG_0436 IMG_0446 IMG_0450 IMG_0453 IMG_0456 IMG_0464 IMG_0466 IMG_0473 IMG_0475 IMG_0477 IMG_0484 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0495 IMG_0497IMG_0504 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0512 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0532 IMG_0538 IMG_0545 IMG_0549 IMG_0552 IMG_0554 IMG_0556 IMG_0572 IMG_0574 IMG_0576 IMG_0578 IMG_0580 IMG_0582 IMG_0584 IMG_0588 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0599 IMG_0604 IMG_0608 IMG_0612 IMG_0619


Yeah, I decided to not use sunscreen one morning because I wanted a nice tan but I got this instead; mind you, this was from head to toe…of course with the exception of where my trunks were!

I apologize now for any terrible photos and the annoying date/time stamp!  I selected the best in my opinion from the load that I took during my stay.  This was the start of my wanderlust, the need to travel.

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